Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A French Chef's Agony and Ecstasy

A French Chef, a nonimmigrant came to my Long Beach Law office to request a US visa. He believed he needed an e2 visa.

In less than six months, he finally got his non-immigrant visa; an E-2 visa application processed and approved to the delight of his friends and customers who who knew of his reputation as a very talented cook. He had been working as head of the patissirie department in a large hotel in Paris, France but had a long term ambition to try his luck in the US just like other chefs who preceded him. It was a struggle getting financial assistance and convincing his wife and children to move to the US with him. Now, even his mother can come visit and enjoy touring the country. He has the talent and know-how to become a very successful baker and enterpreneur and we wish him the best of luck.